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Loved that last post..."pick your hard". Isn't that the truth! Now how about the consequences of the "hard" we pick. I love the consequences of practicing accountability (hard), of planning my meals and making sure there's good food in the house (hard), of planning my workouts and doing the plan (really hard), of daily logging of food (and I do permit a couple of cheat meals per week), you guys get the idea. I want a good return on the hardship! Consequences of doing the work are great. Good lab reports, energy to live my life like I want, feeling good about how my body looks, greatly increasing the likelihood of a disease-free life, lowering my health care costs (that should really be called disease care), improving my "love" life, feeling happier in my skin.

I have a screen saver that reads:

I am responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to me in my life today.

Obviously, if a tornado comes roaring through, I didn't cause it, but I am still responsible for my wellbeing. If I got fired tomorrow, I am responsible for how much money is or isn't socked away for emergencies. And I am most definitely responsible for what I put in my mouth to eat.
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