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Default Love our new title :)

Hello ladies

It was a tough weekend, but I made it and still stayed in the 250's but just barely 259 this morning. I went grocery shopping over the weekend and am really prepared this week. I'm going to make a black bean and cabbage soup with tons of veggies that will last all week so I'll have good choices. Also was pleasantly surprised to find thin bagels- their new and looks like the cut out the middle of the bagel. They are only 110 calories and with a little light cream cheese should make a nice breakfast under 200 calories.

so glad to see so many new faces and everyone posting so often, I check in often as it keeps me motivated to hear how everyone is doing. Everyone seems to be doing well and certainly looking forward to some warmer weather. I just found out a local shopping center is going to have a farmer's market every Sat from April thru Nov so really am looking forward to some summer veggies. Great job for growing your own- that must really be satisfying- maybe I'll try a few tomato plants in pots on the patio this year.

For the low-carbers- I did that for two years and lost over 60 lbs, but couldn't maintain that lifestyle over the long term. I really did enjoy it while I on the plan but once I started eating carbs again, I gained all of it back. One thing I really liked if you can find it is spaghetti squash- I microwaved it whole with some holes poked in it and made sauce or meatballs and served just like regular spaghetti. It's a great alternative to pasta and I'm going to make it for myself this summer. I can't find any in the stores yet.

Everyone have a great evening.
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