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For electrolytes and carbs you might look into Pedialite. I know it sounds strange, but my cousin who runs marathons has his family members wait at certain spots on the course to hand him a bottle of it as he passes by. He also uses sports goo, but I couldn't say which brand. The one food that always tastes really good to me after/during a workout is oranges. I peal them or slice them into quarters and throw them in the Chum Bag (cooler/lunch bag) for swim meets and ski club marathons. Tangerines are good too. We also pack almonds, fun size dark chocolate bars and peanut butter roll ups. The PB roll up is a family invention, it's a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and dried fruit (usually cranberries or raisins), all rolled up. You can take it in a zipper bag in the pocket of your ski jacket and it doesn't get crushed or ooze jelly like a regular PBJ.

You might also plan a higher calorie day before you go to the gym, just to give yourself a little extra steam.
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