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Absentha, I know exactly how you feel. I also live with my super-skinny father, along with my husband and son, who are also thin. They all eat whatever they want (beer, ice cream, pizza, etc) without gaining a thing, while I'm sitting there trying to choke down whole-wheat crackers and celery, trying to get full on healthy food that costs an arm and a leg and does not fill me up. What I try to do is buy myself my own 'treats,' such as yoghurt (because I am a sugar-addict), or fruit, and I try to follow a meal plan that lists the types of foods to eat (for example, 1 fruit serving), not specific foods in general (for example, 1 apple), because it is much easier than trying to eat the ones listed, especially if I don't like what is on the list. One thing I discovered is that you should never completely restrict yourself from the 'garbage food,' because if you do that, the next time you have it, you will certainly binge on it. Just eat one serving of that food sparingly, get plenty of exercise, and you should be fine. And don't let the guys in your house get you down!
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