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Originally Posted by jmead821 View Post
And like many others, I prefer the bluntness. I know I have only myself to blame for this. I agree with you about tracking your progress with photos. I took my "before" photo this weekend and can I say I really hate looking at it. I do look like that in my mind...however, the reality is I DO look like that. I'm new to this site but I will be looking for your posts in the future. Congrats on your progress!!!
thank you. I also recommend that when the time come to go clothes shopping b/c everything falls off of you, keep an old shirt & pair of pants. Not to keep for "just in case", but to keep for the that day when you wake up and don't feel quite like yourself. That day when you feel like your are up against a wall, either you doubt yourself... or a friend, co-worker, or family member doubts you. Go to your closet, grab those old jeans and let them just fall off you. Then come back here, click on this > YouTube - Pants On The Ground - Larry Platt - American Idol [LYRICS] and smile.
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