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Originally Posted by amandabeth1981 View Post
And sequins! We all want sequins! And not just a few...we want to be COVERED in them! I'm not sure who does the designing for a lot of women's plus lines, but seriously. I'm big and round. Add sequins and I'm a disco ball.

One line that I do like is a.n.a. at JC Penney. Normal clothes that fit well and are professional.
ROFLOL, you sister are very funny. In all seriousness, you aren't a disco ball until someone throws the light switch and shines a flashlight on you. Oh and you have to spin in circles too. lol.

DH went to a surprise party in December for his best friend. Anyway about an hour into the event my husband leans over to me and asks me if I need to go shopping. I'm like "uh?", then he points out that I'm the only woman at the party who's ass isn't completely decked out in bling-bling. I totally cracked up laughing and the very next time I went to the store I found a pair of jeans with pockets that are absolutely covered in sequins and whatnot. They amuse DH, but I don't wear them often because you really can't sit comfortably on all that, it's bumpy and catches on everything.
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