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I think what was causing me this problem was when I was eating Weetabix. Every site says that's great diet food, but when I'd eat it, I would crave more Weetabix, and so I got myself a larger serving size, but that still wasn't enough, so I'd eat something else and still be hungry. I went today without it and feel much better.

I might try it again later after I'm off of it for a couple of weeks, but not first thing, I'll wait until I'm about to go to bed or something so it won't cause a bunch of unecessary cravings.

The pre-occupation with food problem pre-dated my eating Weetabix though so was not caused by that at all. I'm still struggling with that. I don't know why but if left to my own devices I would eat all day long because I'm almost constantly thinking about eating. I wish I could turn that off but it's like a record that keeps looping.
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