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I don't know that my issues with obesity are so much about "excuses" as they are about deep denial and ignorance. Truthfully I feed my family and myself a fairly healthy diet, I cook everyday and grow an insane 2 acre veggie garden every summer. So every meal (and I do mean EVERY) around here contains either fresh or fresh frozen veggies or fruit. We make our own jam, from an extremely low sugar recipe. And we pretty much only eat very lean farm fresh meat that is hormone free. We keep a fruit bowl in the middle of the kitchen, and have had nothing but whole grain bread in this house for years. We also have a gym membership, and for the past 6-7 years I've faithfully gotten to the gym at least once a week and more often then not twice, and when I go I'm not messing around I'm dripping sweat and pushing it to the limit. I'm also not big boned, as much as I would like to have that as an excuse, I'm tiny boned and have always known it. I'm also not a couch potato, I play with my kids and run them around to all the stuff kids get into these days. Most of my days are spent on my feet and on the go, so it's not a laziness issue either.

My obesity I truly believe stems from flat out not really ever keeping track of what I've eaten, and consequently overeating most of the time. Not necessarily overeating by a lot, but enough to regularly gain a pound or two here and there. I've also realized since joining this website that the diet I naturally gravitate towards is protein deficient. I've probably rarely if ever gotten a sufficient amount of protein on any given day, and conversely kept my system flooded with waayyy too many carbs, which my body has been converting into insulation and cushioning devices. Which basically spells out the ignorance portion of my obesity.

Yes I've known for some time that I'm a fat girl. But I'm really an upbeat sort of person, so you know what? I just decided at some point that no matter what size I am - I like me. I'm fat, so that means there is just more of me to love. Viola' the "denial" portion of my obesity.

But recently I started to feel exhausted all the time, I would get up out of bed tired. And that's when I knew it was well past time to do something about it, because "tired" flat out is NOT ME! So now I log my intake and my burn and make sure the burn is higher. I workout EVERYDAY, sometimes at home, sometimes at the gym, because clearly 30 minutes, 3X a week was not enough for me. And now I'm getting my groove back. I've lost 57 pounds, and have every intention of losing another 67.

So although I know for a fact that you have pegged many many people with your list, I personally could not really relate to it.
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