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Just to check in: Past few days I've SO not been feeling it, each evening I decide to go running first thing in the morning but I'm a wuss, it's cold and I'm tired.

So yesterday I planted this stairclimber thingie (just two large footsteps on some sort of hinges and 2 elastic bands to hold) in the middle of the living room, set the alarm for 10 minutes, got on it and did my thing, and that was that. Today I did 16 minutes. Tomorrow...? I really need to go for a run, need to go against my nagging voice "but I don't WANT to" and make it something enjoyable (99% of the time, in hindsight, I was glad I went anyway)

Plan B would be 20 minutes stairclimbing/steps device (no idea what it is called, I call it my step apparatus)

On a positive note: Been eating rather well, even without running, I didn't take more energy in than I expend, and also good, fresh stuff/no overprocessed junk.

I find it very hard not to dwell on the thought "my oh my why did I ever eat myself up to excess weight, since taking it off is so much harder than maintaining (must have been the jojo crash diet fasting disordered eating thing that started at age 13....)

Greetz from captain hindsight and his helpers coulda woulda and shoulda
14 lbs down, 22 to go

Female 37 yrs 5 ft 7
Start weight 9th December 2011: 190 lbs
Current weight 2nd March 2012: 176 lbs
Inches lost around waist: 3
Goal: 154 lbs by 1st of January 2013
How: Portion control, shun liquid calories, snacks and junk food, running 3 times a week
Why: I want to get in better shape physically and mentally
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