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Angry february- 3rd month

3/6 month (february):
1/4 week (01-05):
01.02 wed = resting day: (rest is goooooooood :>)
02.02 thu = 162kcal=punching bug+ burpees:20' (nice punching session 17' + 3mins of burpees)
03.02 fri = rest day: (i went to a dentist, and after that i wasnt able to do any training - so it was 2nd rest day that week)
04.02 sat = 202kcal=bodyweight + some capoeira:20' (there will be pain tommorow :>)
05.02 sun = 320kcal = interval swimming laps :20' (fast freestyle, slow breaststrokes + easy warm up 5')

fantastic short week. I did all exercises plan + I ate very good. And there was weekend with some friends meeting and I DIDNT EAT A SINGLE CHIPS :>
2/4 week (06-12):
06.02 mon = 179kcal= capoeira :20' (long time without capoeira and I am back. Its very stretchy especially for legs. It was hard this 20mins but I made it.)
07.02 tue =756kcal = soccer :60' (very hard cardio as always :>. I love it cause I know I have to be there and I dont need to push myself to be there)
08.02 wed = rest day
09.02 thu = 141kcal = HIIT Yuri :60' (as always hard and sweaty :> I DID 4 PULL UPS TODAY !!!!!!!!! FIRST TIME EVER - 3 weeks back I was able only do 2)
10.02 fri = 212kcal = BodyRock Workout :21' (I tried one of bodyrock workout. It was very hard for my legs and lower back- but not in injury-kinda way. Really hard! I think from monday I will join their 30 days challenge)
11.02 sat = it will be rest day
12.02 sun = 330kcal = swimming :30' (20' interval laps only freestyle - slow/fast + 8' easy breaststroke. Each time Im trying to cross the line, and its working cause I am better each time :>)

I am getting good at it. Another great week with no excuses. Training was absolutely brilliant - very hard and very diverse. Eating - I start do some veggie salads for dinner, I eat lean meat. No junk food. - Its great :>
3/4 week (13-19):
13.02 mon = 81kcal = BodyRock fit test:8' (Today I began a 30 days fit challenge with Bodyrock. Its free to participate and they have great workout routines without any sophisticated equipment. So for the next 30 days I dont have to making up my exercises. I can focus on eating and recipes. Btw-fit test was a killer :>)
14.02 tue = 252kcal = BR day 2= resistance workout:25' (5 exercises - mostly squats- for legs and low back. It was A KILLER!!!)
15.02 wed = rest day
16.02 thu = 151kcal = BR day 3= lisa workout +abs:15' (very hard crossfit-like workout- bit short though)
17.02 fri = 252kcal = BR day 4- sean workout:25' (it is killer because of so many squat-like exercises)
18.02 sat = active rest day: (its rest - but need to have so activity on it)
19.02 sun = 400kcal swimming:33' (each time I make my swimming harder and harder. Today was no different. But I think I finally got a proper routine to be enough challenging for me. I swimm freestyle laps at max speed, then make about 15-20s rest and again another lap and another rest, etc. Its completely devastating :>)

Again - awesome week. I completed my exercising goals 100%. Eating was also fairly clean- no fat meat, no sugars, only sunday little bit as my cheat day. Also I am eating lots of veggies (as salads) for my dinners. Still got some problems with that water extra drinking but I think my water-levels are quite good so I dont worry to much about it.
Ok, so next week is gonna bit hard as hell, it will be 10 days and after that I am going to dietican to make my analysis again- hope the results will be motivating

4/4 week (20-29):
20.02 mon = 181kcal = BR week2 day1- lisa workout:18' (it might be short but it still is painful :>)
21.02 tue = 212kcal = BR week2 day2- sean workout:21' (again killer for the legs. I didnt even make it to 25mins)
22.02 wed =705kcal = soccer: 80' (it was rather light but long so always some workout :>)
23.02 thu = rest day: (I did some extra walking like 10min :>)
24.02 fri = 222kcal = Bodyrock week2 day 3-lisa workout: 22' (very complex - was pushups, lunges, squats and ab exs. i think my motivation is getting back :>)
25.02 sat = active rest day: (there was no extra activity :<)
26.02 sun = 365kcal = swimming:35' (lots of swimming with freestyle - but no intervals this time)
27.02 mon = 81kcal = fit test from bodyrock:8' (my results are almost the same as at the beginning, why?: im not doing exactly what they say and today was very hard day cause I watched oscars at night)
28.02 tue = 272kcal = bodyrock day 3 week 3 - lisa:27' (I love the diversity of their workouts :> and they are hard as hell. Plus my motivation is kinda in downs, must get back on track)
29.02 wed = active rest day: (last day of the month - rest day :> )

cant give exelent grade for this week - training was intense but my eating was a bit off the wagon. Some chips here, some cakes there, some chocolate here and there ;/. Plus I lost my motivation a little bit lately. I think I will change my workouts routine. Bodyrock will be no more my nr 1 workout - more diversity again.


I was going to say that this 3rd month was absolutely brilliant - i was consistent with my workout and pretty clean with my eating - but then 2 things happened:
1. last week my motivation levels fall down to minimum - just like that I felt burned out and I started doing bad food choices ;/
2. i went to my dietetican 3 months after my first analysis - the results was rather unpleasant - my body fat went UP 2% !!! My lean mass went DOWN 1,8kg !! and my weight was only 0,5kg less than previous ! After that I realize that my home scale was pretty broken and showed me some wrong numbers ;/ What is weird is my waist measurements - which clearly show me that I am losing my belly fat - so I am completely confused with all that :/

So this month will be less numbers here. I am completely lost in telling where I am at what point in my fit challenge. I feel stronger and leaner but my results are showing something oposite.
Here are some numbers:
- my waist line stays the same ;/
- i am to confused to tell how much i weight or did weight ;/
- i workout 20days
- i trained: 8h and 48mins WOW :>
- i burned: 5476kcal ;> according to fitday. if that would be only fat - it would be 608g= 1,34lbs

That's all about this month. Next month will be all about food I eat. I will try to complete my custom food list here on fitday to be able to track my intake. I will also keep my scale close to see how my weight change depending on time of the day, if I am full or before meal, etc.
My 1st fit challenge: started at 01.December.2011
ended: 31.MAY.2012

I will take some rest now sir. Ok Dobby. But I will be back (I think). Ok Dobby

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