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You are right and people really do need to hear it, cold and truthfully. As someone else pointed out, this society anymore is all about everything easy and they do not like to hear that they need to take personal responsibility for their OWN actions. You cannot blame the fast food industry for you being fat. They didn't make you go there, YOU chose to go there.

My excuses were:

Laziness: "I don't want to cook and have to do the dishes...waah."
Denial: Didn't have a scale in the house for a long time until I got the WiiFit. I stepped on that thing and nearly dropped over from a heart attack at the number on the screen. "WHA?!?! When?!!" My clothing size did go up one size so I thought I was fine.

Once that all came to my awareness, then I had rebellion as my excuse. "Oh who cares! Like all of these other people are perfect?! So I gained some weight, whatever!"

Truth is, I hated it. I've never been a fat person but here I was, a fat ass. I struggled with that for awhile; dealing with the fact that I am now a fat person. Then I had to do some serious thinking about my family's medical history. Stroke, heart, maybe I should care enough about myself to change that. I still don't have to care what anyone thinks but I do have to care what I THINK. Once I realized that, I decided it was time to do something about it.

Only been a week, lost 4 pounds but it's 4 pounds in the right direction.

You're right: We are the ones who put that food in our mouths, we are the ones who have to work that off and stop trying to fool ourselves that it's not our fault. Of course it's our fault. Who elses fault would it be?
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