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I wonder sometimes about venison nutrition bases on where the deer lived. When growing up, my Dad would hunt in the northern part of Minnesota....lots of pine trees with very little grazing land and virtually no crops. Deer lived mostly on young popular shoots, grass, etc. I grew up not liking was tough and dry and had little to no flavor.

Now a days I hunt in the central part of the state where deer spend the summer eating soybeans and early autumn eating corn. The venison from these animals is in my opinion better than many a beef steak.

It would be interesting to see how grain-fed venison would compare to grass-fed beef nutritionally. Did a quick Google search but failed to come up with anything.

For what it is worth, I pretty much use 90% lean beef when logging either into Fitday. Figure that is close enough since I am really only tracking calories and macro-nutrients.
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