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I still struggle with the compulsion to "sneak" junk when I am home alone -- it was a habit of mine before I changed my lifestyle to wait until no one could see me eat and then gorge out. It wasn't sweets for me, it was chips and salty snacks, but it's all the same compulsion.

You'd think I'd be over it, but over a year later, when I find myself alone in the house (or sometimes even alone in the kitchen when other people are in other rooms and can't see/hear me) my first thought is "What can I get away with eating?"

I've learned to push that thought out of my head and 9 out of 10 times I succeed. Getting rid of the junk helps a lot since it's not there for you to "get away with eating" but even in the absence of junk I've gorged on healthier fare and still gone over my eating limits.

I found that for me, when I find myself alone, the best thing to do is to GET BUSY. I start cleaning, or I go out for a walk, or I work on a craft. Maybe I start reorganizing pictures. Anything that keeps me from being idle and gravitating towards the kitchen. Maybe if you find yourself home alone, it would be a great time to work out, or read a good book without noise surrounding you (if you aren't likely to snack while reading, anyway). Also, if you feel yourself starting to think about what you'd like to eat, I'll actually shout out loud "NO!" to my brain. It sounds crazy - but hey, you're home alone, who's going to listen?

It's tough being at home with parents or anyone else who doesn't comply with your wishes on food, but there's always a choice you can make for your good health, even if you don't realize it at first.

Good luck to you!
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