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Default Society and body image

Over the past twenty years I have dealt with the many discriminations that come with being even the least bit over weight. When it comes to the dating scene I have had blind dates show up at my door and literally say "oh Hell no" and turn on their heels and walk away leaving me standing there. Yes it's a true story and a painful one. I have had men tell me they won't be seen with me in public but would be happy to just stay in the house with me because "at least" I had a pretty face to look at.

To the Men and Women in this world that make the decision to judge and discriminate against the other Men and Women of this world who are just a little over weight to being morbidly obese... I say... "STAND BEHIND ME" You are of no consequence to me.

I am on this journey for health and happiness. MY HAPPINESS... and MY HEALTH are far more important to me than YOUR ACCEPTANCE.

I am intelligent, beautiful, thoughtful, funny and very caring. So to those men who dismissed me and passed me by.... You have missed out on getting to know a good human being here who just happens to be an over weight woman.

NO... I am not entirely happy with my body shape... but that is ALL it is... A SHAPE... A SHELL to shelter my soul. And I am taking the measures and steps to rectify that.

But I can tell you this.... I am quite pleased with the inner person that I am.
If you want to laugh... I'll laugh with you.
If you want to talk..... I'll talk with you.
If you want to be friends..... I'll be your friend
If you want to go along on this journey of health with me..... come along... if not... then stand behind me and walk the other way.
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