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Default Try not to think of losing weight as a diet, but as a lifestyle change

I have been heavy as long as I can remember. I've seen pictures of a skinny me at 3 years old, but that's it. I also had a brief period in my early twenties when I was in better shape, but apart from that it's always been like this.

If anyone wants some advice from a noob, I can say, try not to think of losing weight as a diet, but a lifestyle change. It has to be something you really want to do, and something you want to do for you. You have to find your reasons and think in terms of the rewards of your success rather than scolding yourself into "doing what you should." Try to think in terms of making healthier food choices and getting some exercise. Start as slowly as feels right to you, but try to make goals and keep commitments to yourself.

Find a calorie goal that you're comfortable with and use the resources here to log your food and activity. It will engage you in a way that for me has been miraculous. Also, rely on this great community of people who have been and are in your shoes when you have questions. They will come through with the information you need.

For me, eating five times a day instead of one or two huge binge meals has made a real difference for me. I never miss breakfast, have a mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. I'm over 340lbs, and am never hungry on 2,000 calories a day.

I can also say that I have greatly benefited from hugely increased water intake. I shoot for about 160oz a day, and I know it has a lot to do with how good I feel.

In the month I've been at this, and having lost only 12lbs in a 190lb journey, I can say that the benefits and rewards have been endless. Yes, it will be a long road, but it has already been full of rewards, from fitting into clothes that were too small just last month, to improved health markers at the doctor's, to my absolutely favorite part, energy that lasts all day. It's important to know there are rewards for doing this.

Best of luck to all new members. You deserve to feel better and will feel better if you stick with it.
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