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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I appreciate it. It takes a lot guts to go against the grain, which you did. With that being said... my intent was to get attention and maybe ruffle some feathers, which I have now done.
I'll shoot from the hip here (as I usually do), and I'd like to you to be honest with yourself and reply to these questions. Why did you take it that I was saying that I am better than you? Was it b/c I shared my success story and my pictures? If so, would you rather someone try to give you advice that hasn't "been there, done that"? I would have been a hypocrate if I were to say that you (or anyone for that matter) needs to quit making excuse and accept the blame (when it applies) if I hadn't did just that myself. I clearly stated that I was FAT, and I was FAT because I WAS THE PROBLEM. The point at which I knew that I was the problem was the point at which I was honest with myself and got out of denial. It wasn't until then that I could make the change.
Like I said you can't please everone, that's just the nature of the beast I guess. Thanks for your reply, I look forward to your responses.

01gt4.6 your original post is spot on.

Human nature is selfish. We like things our way, with minimal effort, and no mental anguish. Each day -- in all areas of life -- we battle to overcome these selfish desires. We would rather hear that things are not our fault; be coddled, and magically believe things will be alright if we ignore the issue.

Sometimes the pit we dig ourselves into is too large and formitable. The secret is one step at a time. Excuses stop the step forward in whatever area we are trying to improve.

From a pragmatic point of view: if a problem is caused by us or not -- we are responsible for getting out of the pit.
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