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Hi ladies!

I am a Forty something from Australia, and it's currently HOT as heck down here, can some one send me some of that Big Freeze you guys are having!!!

Another who needs to lose 100+ (50-60kg) I started using FitDay April last year, and lost about 10kg (22lb) over 3 months, by counting calories and being sensible, it wasn't hard and I was really motivated.. then I suddenly lost the motivation started stuffing my face again.. and wham.. all the weight has piled back on again.. sigh!

So we begin again I am doing a self designed diet with no Wheat/Rice/Potatoes, plenty of other Veggies, Fruit, lean meats etc.

Like someone else (sorry I didn't get the name) I am a good baker and love cooking especially gourmet, this has been a big downfall for me weight wise, but I am now very determined to get healthy, as I feel like a blob, and have been finding things like getting down on the ground, kneeling, squatting - getting up from being on the ground getting harder and harder to do, if I don't start losing it I will be condeming myself to being less able to do things physically, which is really scary!

Thanks to FitDay for starting the forums!

And a big Yay to all of us for our new lifestyle - We CAN do this girls!!!!!
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