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We've also switched over to grass fed beef....I'm lucky enough to work with a guy that has a small herd. I also hunt and fish so there is fresh fish, pheasant, and (most years) some venison alongside the side of beef in the freezer.

That said, we love our chicken! Usually get the bulk chicken breasts from Costco and grill up the whole batch (10lbs), then vacuum seal it into individual portions.

Overall I would guess my meat consumption breaks down something like this...
Chicken: 30%
Grass-Fed Beef: 25%
Venison: 15%
Fish: 10%
Turkey: 5%
Scallops/Shrimp: 5%
Peasant: 5%
'Eating out' - steak, sushi, etc: 5%

This seems to work out well for me...
Male 45, 5'6"
To date - 32.6 lbs down
Start: 20 Oct 2011: 210.2lb, body fat =35.3%
Original Goal: 20% body fat - achieved 3/1/12

Last weigh-in: 3-May-2012: 177.6,
Last body fat measurement: Oct 15,2012: 14.1%

Goal: Maintain < 20% body fat and < 180lb
Days Maintained : 427

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