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Default Fluid retention due to illness?

Originally Posted by tmartin42 View Post
Hey folks -

I'm new to the boards, and I really could use to hear all about your experiences. I started at 244, now I'm 199.4. Thing is, I'd lost to 198.2, but over the last week and a half I first stalled, then very slowly started creeping up. .2 pounds a day until now.

So here's the thing, I'm NOT eating more or any differently: I'm fastidious and log every single thing that crosses my lips in my food log, and I eat a good mix: whole grains, veggies/fruits, some protein, an occasional sweet treat. And I measure absolutely everything. And I get 48-60 oz of water a day. And I had my period a week and a half ago, so it's not that and I'm not pregnant.

I did start doing low-to-moderate aerobics for 20-minutes a day, 3 days a week last week. And I now have a pretty nasty cold. I feel a little bloated - my ring is tighter - but I have no idea why I'd be hanging on to water. On days I exercise, I make sure I get more. I was eating 1325 calories a day just before the stall, but I went back up to 1450 in the last three days because I was worried I'd cut too far to also allow for exercise. Mr. Colon (sorry for the tmi) is working as intended.

I know a stall is really meant to be longer than a week and a half, but I've slowed down before and never gained back. Water retention? Muscle gain (seems farfetched to me, but what do I know?) Any thoughts?

It sounds like fluid retention to me. Your cold may be to blame. Are you taking any medication for it? I find a cold usually makes me retain water. If you keep on doing what you are doing you will be back losing soon. You could increase your water. It's funny but usually the more water you drink the less you will retain. Good luck. Mary

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