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'morning all
I see Tori and Mike are back at it. I dont' mind the hyjack, it kept me giggling all weekend. But I did spend so much time reading the posts that I ran out of time to actually post myself - but I am sure you all knew I was there cheering you on.

Julie, how great to do a little closet shopping. Yup, the scale is just a number, fitting into clothes you thought were too small... priceless.

zyxst, I agree w/Mike... love squats (well kinda a love/hate thing). Take care of the knees though. Make sure that as you squat that your knees do not go too forward of you ankles.

Tori, 4.2lbs - awesome and dang inspirational . I have no idea where the bet w/Mike leftoff BTW.

Julie, do take care of yourself. A little overboard, or off the wagon ain't gonna hurt, but don't let it snowball, girl.

Fit, make sure you hit those exercise goals this week. I am willing to bet (no I will not get into Tori and Mike's game) that a little extra effort on the fitness front will get you past that 210 barrier this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Joanna, sorry about your classes. Some terms are like that. But do your best to avoid wasting time dreading the assignments and just jump in and "git er done". You will have to do them whether you dread them or not. No use wasting precious energy (that could be applied at the gym ) trying to avoid them.

Quinn, quinn, quinn. What are we going to do with you? One of the most disciplined, experienced, and wise women here and you are still battling those 5 lbs. Maybe they have just moved in permanently . Nope, I'm guessing they will be escorted out the door shortly.

CJ, ah the fun, joy, and excitement of taking the kitties to the vet. I hope your's are pretty mellow, or at least you have your kevlar gloves on.

Terri, consider this a swift kick in your ever shrinking butt. NOW is the time you need to get your sweat on - more than ever. I mean, you don't even have the weather excuse most of the other ladies have. At least drag the BF out for a long walk this evening - it'll do both of you good.

and dear Mike, How are you going to top last week's work productivity? Get your head back in the eating/fitness game. Up 0.6 lb is really just variability noise. But since I've seen you drop 3 (or more) pounds in a week... let's see you do it again..

And me? taper week before my 1/2 marathon on Sat. I took a look at the weather at it should be perfect highs in the 60s and calm winds. I am stoked. So I'm not going to post any goals this week. Just keep the calories under control, avoid but not totally eliminate white foods, and keep the pie chart balanced. Pretty much all of my house/home/ work goals over the last few weeks have been accomplished including the last edits on the manuscript I am working on. And I am pretty sure that I will not feel up for anything more strenuous after the race than climbing into the hot tub .
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