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Originally Posted by crazigerl View Post
Spamley, I have only lost 27 pounds from my heaviest weight last year but the difference to my body is amazing. I had both major hip and joint pain, I have some
degredation of the joints but my doctor said if I keep going at that weight I will have to have surgeries later in life. That was enough motivation to get started. I don't have hip pain at all anymore and my knee pain only comes around if I try to run on concrete. Other than that I have none.
thanks for the post. I am so grateful for the motivation. I can't imagine running on concrete!! Both knees are painful at times and I take heart that things can be improved. I think I said in an earlier post, it seems such a long road ahead and joints seem "seized" up that I just thought "things" were past it and probably couldn't be improved. Thank you. L
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