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Originally Posted by Sashikra View Post
I'm a newbie so should probably shut up but I need to express a minority view. Had you just told us about the excuses and the like I might have accepted your post at face value. But your post as a whole feels to me like you're telling me how much better you are than I am. I'm not competitive and find your post more of a put down than encouragement.
Sashikra...It wasn't my post, but I'm sorry that you feel that way. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to do a little soul searching though. Why do you feel put down instead of encouraged or challenged? We all have our own battles to fight and it's certainly important to be kind and supportive to each other....but...sometimes, we all need a cold hard slap in the face of reality. I know I do...constantly! It's a sad, sad, sad state of society these days that everyone is constantly looking outside themselves and putting the blame on others instead of taking personal responsibility for their lot in life. America is the land of "opportunity" not the land of sit on your bootie and everything will be handed to you on a silver platter.

Here's just a tiny list of some of the excuses that have run through MY head in the past:

"I'm only fat because my husband brings home pizza. I'm only fat because McDonalds won't stop bombarding me with ads for french fries. I'm only fat because Starbucks puts whipped cream on my quad mocha frappachino. I'm only fat because my knees hurt. I'm only fat because I had thyroid cancer. I'm only fat because I gained a lot of weight when my kids were born (16 years ago). I'm only fat because I'm too tired to work out in the morning. I'm only fat because I'm too tired to work out after work at night. I'm only fat because I can't miss the Biggest Loser and I can't hear the tv over the sound of the treadmill."

I could go on and on and on.

Take your pick. We can choose to use the excuses to keep being fat and unhealthy....OR we can start using reasons to change our mindsets and therefore our behaviors and then change our LIVES!!

Don't take it as an insult. Don't take it as a "put down." Take it as a challenge to make your life better.

Best wishes and happy travels, Naomi
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