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Good morning, everyone! Glad to see you all. Even if we're all not fired up, gung-ho, let's motivate each other and get the momentum going .

I started off my Monday sitting in school traffic, then taking 2/3 of my cat population to the vet. Good times.

Anyway, similar goals. I'm going to shoot for an all-green week like my friend Mern, here! Mern, where you be?

1. Calories capped at 1300.
2. Log everything and post daily.
3. Weigh daily, beginning Tuesday (forgot this AM).
4. Drink 2 sports bottles of water (not tea, not vitamin water...water)
5. Take vitamins, calcium, and fish oil.
6. Exercise 6 times.
7. In bed by midnight weeknights, 1 on weekends.

8. Reconnect with friend who moved to NY.
9. Write out card for pediatrician.
10. Clean out car.
11. Be patient; be kind (I usually don't need to be reminded, but have unusual stressors this week!.

Here's hoping for a great week for all of us!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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