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I'm with you, my mind is on food a whole lot more often than necessary, or even what is a healthy amount of time to spend on the topic. What I've been trying to do is plan out the whole week on Sunday and Monday, which seems to help. I write it out in my calendar, then when I get to wondering about food I just look it up, pull whatever I need out of the deep freezer and hopefully that gets it off my mind. The other thing I've found is that the 35 calorie Laughing Cow cheese wedges are a pretty good snack, the calories are fairly well split 30/30/30 and if I drink a great big glass of ice water along with the cheese wedge (and eat it slowly), then about 75% of the time that feeling goes away. Although admittedly there are days when it doesn't even touch it and I end up face down in the carb bucket. Like Pam I've had to give up my morning carb foods, I try and hold off on those until dinner time.
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