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One of the things that I also noticed is that even when I'm full AND sated, my mind often is on food. If I finish my breakfast my immediate thought is that I'm sorry there's not more, and I think about when I can eat again.

When I'm at work before lunch I constantly think that I can't wait until it's lunch time, so I can eat. After lunch I keep yearning to get home to have that next meal and every bad craving food in the world dances through my head.

I thought after losing over 80 lbs this would get better, but even though I feel so many physical benefits of being smaller I still have this almost constant feeling of wondering when I get to eat again.

I don't think food should be that important to me. I have other things in my life that I enjoy. I have interests outside of food and fun things I can do and good friends to talk to. Yet a part of my mind is always urging me to eat or think about when I get to eat next. What the heck is wrong with me and how do I stop it? I'm tired of having this dominate my mind.

I can feel completely full and sated and yet still be THINKING about food on an almost constant basis.
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