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1--under 1300 calories--the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue....1492, 1098, 1302 I'm countin it!, 1015, 1204, 783, 1217
2--drink more water--not setting an actual goal for oz, seems to get me frazzled if I don't make it. So I'm just gonna say, drink more water.--almost through with 48 oz. Might not make it tonight, but closer than last week, pretty much the same. downed a liter while walking though, another liter while walking. Maybe tomorrow I'll carry 2 bottles with me!not sure if I even DRANK water today...oh yeah I did. At lunch and at my bro's, not sure how much though--oh yeahhhh, 66 oz today!!! uuummmmmmmm, a liter today which is more than yesterday, but not enough
3--walk at least 10 miles--now that I've strapped on my "walking shoes" I'm kinda liking it. Gives me time to think (scary huh??? )--rained. all. day., 2.06, 3.01--I saw some animals pairing up and looking for the ark--5.04 for the day!--1.51, 5.36 = 16.98 for the week!!! WOOHHOOO
4--work out 4 times--I'm gonna hit this goal this week if it KILLS ME!!!--SCREW IT, I GOT GOADED INTO EXTRA WALKIN
5--another 2??? Starting weight Monday morning--215.6, up exactly a pound this morning at 216.6, back down *yay* weighed in at 214.2 this morning **WHOOP WHOOP**, 214.6 so a little up from yesterday but still down for the week, 213.2 (is what it said this morning, this evening it was 213.0 but i go by morning numbers), 212.4, same as yesterday so I'll take it!!

1--clean out home office--didn't clean it, but I did start packing some stuff up
DONE!!2--get by WalMart and buy cables to hook up DVD player--DONE
3--stop worrying about it. It's gonna happen whether I want it to or not--eeehhhh, I took a 2 hour nap where I didn't think about or worry about it at all, tried my best, thought about then went walking and thought about it some more. finally made a decision about it, second guessing my decision (sometimes I hate being a Libra)--sticking with decision #1 and moving next month
4--call Dr. about blood work and asthma meds--MUST. DO. THIS. BEFORE MEDS RUN OUT!!!
5--scout out a new eye dr.--don't ya love when the insurance stops paying for you to see the same dr. you've seen for 7 years!!! And he was cute....sigh, stupid insurance--I don't WANNA new doctor!!!
6--research hotels for Mardi Gras.....otherwise we might be asking if we can sleep in someone's recently cleaned out garage , really started to look haven't settled on anything yet, looked at a few today (thanks for the info Mike) and one is ruled out because they don't have any rooms with 2 double beds, the other two are up for consideration, settling on something this weekend
7--4 random acts of kindness. I like this goal, had to steal it--does being polite to the worthless manager count? no?? well, still 4 more to go then., I didn't kill the grouchy old man who was wandering through my stock room yelling at ME because he couldn't find the squash. THAT'S an act of kindness, I cooked for my Momma and Daddy, I so totally held the door open for this little old couple at Subway, nuttin today, hmmmm I didn't brake check the guy tailgating me. , texted the guys at work and am taking lunch tomorrow. So, seeing as how I let them know today, THAT's an act of kindness. And I'm taking the food TOMORROW, can I count it twice??????

So, I've figured out that the best time of day for me to walk is after the sun goes down. Not real sure how I'm gonna handle that come summer time when it's light til 9ish, but I'll figure something out. My cousin bailed on me, again **SHOCKER**. If she weren't family I'd tell her exactly how I felt about it. I guess she thinks that I'm just not gonna do it without her. Her way of sabatoging me so I'm not thinner than she is??? hmmmmm?????? I've always been the larger of the two of us, and now suddenly I'm not! Sumthin to think about.....

K, I'm gonna go stare at the ceiling for a while. 'Night Y'all! See ya in the morning for the start of another glorious week!!

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