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Good morning friends-it feels like we're meeting in a new cafe this morning. Pattialbert: Maybe you can post that we've moved in case any new members start posting in our old thread. I'm glad that you're lovin' SB and doing so well!

Almeeker: WooHoo women's dept be gone forever! A new jade dress and matching shoes you'll feel soooooo good at the wedding. I bet you'll be getting a ton of positive feedback from ppl who haven't seen you in a while, too. Dang it, we missed the Jamie show. Hopefully it'll air again. Did you see it? The ads for it showed the kids not liking the healthier foods but I'm hoping the project turned out good in the end. That the generation of kids today aren't expected to live as long as their parents is totally shocking and extremely sad. Your friend's Biggest Loser idea was awesome. Was that how you got started on your new lifestyle? I can see where it would keep ppl motivated, especially having couples doing it together for even more support. I've been thinking about your short growing season & wondering if your family can build you a greenhouse. After doing a lot of research last year I found this one. It's the least expensive one I could find but it's pretty ugly so you might not want it in your back yard (my dh is resisting b/c of the way it looks) so much for the name of that popcorn, I'll have them order it. Kudos on having the nerve & smarts to bring your own popcorn.

Good/Bad news~Good news: the hair coupon doesn't have an expiration date (reward for another 10 pound loss). Bad news: good thing since I've been back up to 195 for days and days...and days...grrrrrrr....have even given up popcorn & other allowable treats trying to break the plateau. The next thing I'll give up is red meat since my fastest weight loss came from abstaining.

More good news: the weather is warming back up & so finishing the raised bed for the tomatilloes will finally get done this week. Immediately after the project got started, it got put on hold when several snowy cold fronts plowed through (cement doesn't cure properly in cold weather). Finally, the piles of cinder blocks cluttering up the back yard will be gone after this week. The best good news: My shoulder & lower back are slowly (and carefully) getting back into shape - I feel my body getting stronger & stronger. I can't wait until I can start using the Rebounder I ordered to add cardio to my workouts. It should be easier on the back & knees. Anyone here ever use one?
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