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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I can't ever you photobucket right on my phone, what's the trick?
do huh????? (THERE'S a southern phrase if there ever was one!!)

Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
You my friend need a big stegosaurus/Kujo of a dog to take with you. No wonder you can't sleep at night.
had a Rotti, PITA took him back because "technically" it was his dog. (I really dislike that man)

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Actually, where do I apply to become a backup dancer? Can the outfit have glitter or some sort of animal print? Or both?
ohohOOOHHH my vote is for BOTH!! and we need feather boas!!!

Originally Posted by fit4luv View Post
Tori ~ Oh, I think you are destined to keep Mike in line. You have a great gift in that way! I luv your style. I've a feeling that you have lots of secrets hidden up your sleeves.
LOL not so sure about keeping him in line, I can barely keep myself in line most days. And secrets??? I ain't got no secrets. I'm innocent **where'd my halo go, there it is....oooohhh a little bit tarnished**

Originally Posted by dar n View Post
Tori I am glad you did post pics. I have very few pics of me before because like most of us I avoided the camera I didnít want to see the almost 200lb me but sometimes I wish I had before and after pics to remind me of the work I have put in. Lol I feel like the fatter lazier Darlene this weekend I am dragging my bottom through everything I do. I am hoping I sleep well tonight did your insomnia clear up? Holy darkness I think I mentioned it before,
I've always been the one wielding the camera. I'm a bit of an amateur photographer, it's something I love to do. So there are rarely any pics of me, good or bad. Did my insomnia clear up? UH no. Some nights I'm asleep by midnight, most nights I'm staring at the ceiling at 2, just depends. Yeah, it's a lil bit dark out there. But I ain't skeered (much)

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