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Fit4luv I hope your back feels better soon. I am glad you were ok with the scriptures it's hard to know sometimes how it will be received.

Tori I am glad you did post pics. I have very few pics of me before because like most of us I avoided the camera I didnít want to see the almost 200lb me but sometimes I wish I had before and after pics to remind me of the work I have put in. Lol I feel like the fatter lazier Darlene this weekend I am dragging my bottom through everything I do. I am hoping I sleep well tonight did your insomnia clear up? Holy darkness I think I mentioned it before,

Mern Eating my candy was not a hard task and it was my fault before they left I told him to make sure he tried some because they are awesome he ate so many he said he had to bring me back one pack.

Cassie Lol at the thatís how I felt when we got to changing lanes on the highway.

Mike I wish I was talented enough to post you a smiley but I canít even get my congratulations for Tori to enlarge so the credit goes to fit4luv. I got 3.3k in for a total of 27.4k (17m) and I am done wiped out I donít even know if I have the energy to do my abs and squats today.

Tracey Glad you got some sleep. I think we all find weekends a little harder I know for me I have to check in here lots and let myself be motivated by you guys.

Mike I do not know much about bikes but I do think the color is very nice.

I have drank so much coffee today and I still can not find any energy I think I will just give in and go put my pjs on.I have a salad made for dinner and some berries left from yesterday so hubby and dd will have to fend for themselves I think their is leftover chinese they can have that and a salad wow that is how lazy I am I just made dinner and never left the keyboard.

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

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