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Default After reading Weekend Warrior posts . . .

I did a 2-mile Leslie Sansone DVD & took care to watch stress on my lower back. It felt so good again.

Mike ~ You are smart in avoiding serious injury to your back. I take it that you had back surgery in the past - did I read it somewhere here?

Originally Posted by jbuschur View Post
Hi there everyone! Good calorie day yesterday, and today will be even better so that is good. Slept in a bit this morning, did my treadmill then came in to work. The joy of tax season, although I have to say I can get so much more done on a Sunday than I can any day during the week. Here are numbers from yesterday,

1200-1400 cals M-1220, T-1156, W-1230, Th-1246, F-1230, S-1221
80 oz water M-80 oz, T-80 oz W-64 oz, Th-80 oz F- 64 oz, S 80 oz
Treadmill T-W-F-Su M-off day, T-45 min W-No, Th-Off day F-35 min, S-off day
5000 steps on off days M-4895, W-4189 Th-3186, S-left pedometer at home
8000 on TM days T-4989 F-5238
Post here Every Day! M-Done!, T-Done! W-Done Th-Done! F-Done, S-Done

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Julie -- I love watching your progress. I'm another one who likes to use the pedometer. You're doing great with your steps! Do you have a certain goal yet in regards to your steps/miles?

Originally Posted by traceymc1985 View Post
Hi everyone- had a quiet weekend- spent most of it catching up on sleep and rest. Today wasnt the best day though with food!
Was naughty and had a chocolate eclair plus i cooked a roast chicken and could i leave it alone?? NO!! I always end up eating too much of it before ive even put out my portion.
Hopefully i can do better over the next few days and still get a loss this week. Oh sometimes i hate weekends because it feels like this healthy eating is much more of a struggle. Just 5 days til the next one!!! Time to organise for it lol.
Its our family movie night this friday!!!
Tracey - I hear you on the weekend thing. It's a different pace, isn't it? Hope you can quickly get your thoughts together regarding this upcoming week. I think rest is very important & glad that you got some.
Best Wishes, Luv
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