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Default Appetite Suppression

Originally Posted by linusfuller View Post
I dont know what it is, but I'll watch what I eat throughout the entire day, get a diet-worthy intake of 1300 calories, then suddently lose control and ruin everything later. What can I do to prevent/help this?

I think this is the reason most diets fail, you work so hard only to crash and burn day after day. Here's some things I've tried that seem to help:

1. Think about your hunger, is it "real" hunger or uncontrollable munchies, taking over? Real hunger builds over time and it can be held off, especially if you know approximately how long it will be until you eat again. Uncontrollable munchies are usually a symptom of a carb crash (and possibly carbaholism), so what you need to do is to avoid crashing by limiting your carb intake per sitting. A lot of people will tell you to limit (or even eliminate) "white" foods like white flour, white rice and white potatoes. We only have whole grain bread and pasta in our house and I try to limit my grain based carbs to 1 serving at breakfast and depending on my calories throughout the day, another serving with dinner. I usually go low-carb and high protein for lunch so I can avoid that after dinner carb crash.

2. Another way to avoid going overboard with the munchies is to pace yourself and eat something that takes time to eat like an orange or grapefruit, or nuts/seeds that have to be unshelled like sunflower seeds, almonds or pistachios. And while you're munching down your snack drink a big swig of water between mouthfuls.

3. Another thing I do when I feel out of control is to tell myself that I can eat whatever I want but I have to start with an apple and go 20 minutes between snacks. Usually I get that full feeling between the 2nd and 3rd snack and the munchies taper off after that. Apples are a great snack BTW and they have a lot of fiber too, which usually helps to make me feel full.
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