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Being the wife/husband/so of someone who is over weight is probably similar in someways to being the wife/husband/so of an alcoholic or drug addict. And when they hear the same promises over and over of how "this time" I'm going to change or this time I am going to make it, it really starts to break them down inside. They stop believing you and they have a right to. The negative comments are there little way of lashing out at you because they are hurt that you haven't followed through and really changed. It is very hard to be on the receiving end of this and all we can do is prove to them through actions that this time really is different. We have to walk the walk. In time they will see your commitment and actions and start to come around. But in the beginning They are hurt and maybe even afraid to believe in you because they don't want to get let down again.

On the flip side I now how devastating this can be to you. How you want there support. Be strong. Reach out to people here on the board and vent like you did today. You can do this.
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