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Hi Diane,
Thanks for posting your name! I am not a fan of Richard Simmons, but I must admit, he is high energy and motivating!!! lol Laundry can be exercise, especially when stairs are involved, that is for sure! Using my treadmill (an excellent quality one, which I have had for years, and not made good use of). Considering going swimming again too. I find my iPod helps alot to make the time fly by on the treadmill. I am trying to keep things simple. In the past I have gone all gung-ho with exercise classes, DVD's etc. and just wore myself out, and became burned out too quick. I am mainly focussing on getting power walking in daily - for right now anyways!

I do find my nutritional needs are somewhat balanced, although my fat percentage is a little high (I know it is due to too much cheese and nuts), need to focus on cutting back on those. I am facinated by this topic too. Very interesting. Looking at the breakdown does help me to make wiser choices. I am getting off the processed food too. Eating whole and raw foods alot more. I struggle with evening snacking. I seem to do alright as far as eating wisely during the day. All about moderation, hey?

Hi there Melissa,
Welcome, Nice to see some newbies around! I totally understand what you are saying. I am big-framed too. I have never had a bikini body myself and was always the biggest and tallest in my classes while I was growing up. It is not easy.

From my mid-20's to mid-30's, I was around 190-200lb, and quite comfortable with my body, how I felt, how I looked, and I had alot of energy. I worked out on and off, walked quite a bit, and was in pretty good shape. I would be happy to get to 200lb again. Once I am there, perhaps I will lose more. But getting to 200lb is all I can think of right now.

I admire you too for your determination to do this! And to do it while you are still so young. It is true when people say that as you get older it is harder to lose weight...I know that first hand!

I want to incorporate a healthy lifestyle so the weight comes off, and stays off, for once and for all. I believe this is the year I am finally going to do it too. I have been procrastinating for longer than I like to admit..! We can do it!!! Keep posting!
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