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Originally Posted by fit4luv View Post
Well, what I like to do is focus on my daily habits. As I learn to think, and then act fit, my prizes begin to come in. My prizes are weight-loss, more firm muscle/less flab, more energy, better blood levels and so on. What I really want to do is sit on my dh's lap & for him to be able to pick me up.

I hope to be thin and fit.

5 lb increments: On my journey I am number crunching with 5 lb increments of weight loss. When I've stayed under each 5 lb increment for a bit, then that's when I "lock" it in. For instance, when I next reach 209 lb and no longer go 210 lb or upwards -- Then is when I lock in my next 5 lb loss. (I will "lock" in the total 10 lb wt loss @ 210 lb.)

I totally am going by my scales at home, even though my records at my Doctor's office shows 10 lb loss. I guess if you look at my signature you may understand better what I'm doing.

ETA: I like your statement, crazigerl. "I eventually will become unconciously competent instead of my current conciously competent."

Spamley ~ It's too overwhelming when thinking only of the big picture. I think your strategy of breaking it down into smaller goals is an excellent thing to do.
We all look at it differently don't we? My daughter is wanting to loose weight and doesn't want to look at numbers. I guess she figures that if she is sticking to what she knows is right the weight will come off anyway.One way of doing it and not getting caught up in the number crunching. good to hear what others do. thanks for responding. Its all positive. L
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