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Taubele thanks for the information. It's interesting how complex hunger and satiety are. I also thought it was interesting that someone's stomach can feel full but the person can be un-sated.

When I used to eat my old, unhealthy way, I would eat more fat in my diet and this never really happened to me very often. Now since most of what I eat is low fat, I have to consciously choose certain foods to include fat in my diet and this seems to help. I was eating avocados on a regular basis before but when the weather got colder I didn't really want them anymore. I've been using some 90 calorie almond butter packs and that seems to help. Plus I've been trying to eat a little more meat and that has also helped.

I've tried to go vegetarian a couple of times in the past (partly because most vegetarians I've seen are thin) but it never worked out for me. I'd do fine for a couple of months but then I would sort of fail to thrive and end up having to go back to meat.

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