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Originally Posted by mdayle View Post
Im running 2 miles 3 times a week. Been looking for a good schedule. For now just bumping it up slowly on my own. Was born with 3 holes in my heart so was banned from PE in school. Recently cleared but still have pretty painful scoliosis and misaligned hips.
I'm not a doctor (well actually I am, but a plant doctor. If you were a plant I could speak authoritatively ), but I agree with HC. Half marathons have become the most popular races around. I think as long as your doc gives you the clear, shooting for a 1/2 with HC's suggestions and guidence is a super goal. As you progress, try a 5k and a 10K. Most of us find a distance that works best. For me marathons just take too long to train for and the one that I did was fun, but didn't make me want to continue at that distance.

The Death Valley 1/2 is next Sat - I am pretty stoked. I over did at X-fit on Thurs, it was a brutal workout and I decided to really push my limits, which I am not sure was a great idea . But other than that the taper is going fine. A 5 miler tomorrow - "easy" pace, and probably 1 more next week. I'll continue with yoga, but layoff the X-fit.
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