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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
My strained back is finally feeling 100% (hurt it 2 weeks ago) and I went for a run today- absolutely beautiful Saturday morning.
I was going for a 5-6 mile run but once I got home and mapped it, It ended up being a 8.8 mile run(1:28 hrs) Felt awesome to get back into it.
Next Sunday's 10k race shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck next weekend. I am glad you are back to your runs. Today is indeed a glorious day. I'll do a shortish, easy run tomorrow. Next Sat is the Death Valley 1/2. I am really looking forward to it. Last time I ran it (3 years ago) I have horrendous leg cramps. I have learned how to deal with them better, so I am definitely looking for a PR, and possibly a podium position. One of the benefits of being an older runner is that there are fewer of us. BUT the ones that have stuck with it are really good.
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