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Default Rededication...

I seem to have this conversation with myself every two weeks like clockwork. I thought I would share it to see if anyone else can relate or maybe find some more advise.

Ever since I have started my journey to become more fit and healthy, i got through a cycle of doing really well for a week and a half, notice results and then let myself slip. Here I am Sunday eventing feeling bloated and sick because I am at the end of the cycle and yet another crossroad. To one side is the easy road. I can go back to easy in just a few steps and be done with it. To the other side is the hard decisions, cravings, and hard work. The answer seems to be a no-brainer, but from what I remember easy was always miserable, didn't like to look in the mirror and was unmotivated. And what I remember about hard work was that it was full of goals and achievements, motivation, not feeling sick and even a few smiles. Now the decision is clear. Hard work is the right path to who I really want to be, even if it means some hard choices and a little re-dedication.
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