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Originally Posted by SPAMLEY View Post
Fantastic that you have changed your health issues. Please may I ask about your joint issues - whether you have seen an improvement? I have issues with knees which are constantly painful and also stiff legs. I'm certain loss of weight can do nothing but good for these issues but it would be good to hear from someone else. Well done on the weightloss so far. L
Spamley, I have only lost 27 pounds from my heaviest weight last year but the difference to my body is amazing. I had both major hip and joint pain, I have some
degredation of the joints but my doctor said if I keep going at that weight I will have to have surgeries later in life. That was enough motivation to get started. I don't have hip pain at all anymore and my knee pain only comes around if I try to run on concrete. Other than that I have none.
Highest weight October 1st, 2011 247.6
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January pounds lost 7.8 = 220
February pounds lost 4.4 = 215.6
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Goal weight 160.4
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