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Atkin's only works if you follow it strictly. ie: No dairy during induction means NO dairy - no coffee creamer, no cheese on your sandwich, no butter.
This does not sound like the Atkins I have been following for the last 8+ years

No cheese? no butter? I think not!!!

I agree 'no creamer' but real cream is allowed instead.

It is not a life-long diet plan. You will still have to train yourself how to eat day-to-day to maintain your losses.
Your no-dairy version might not be a life-long way of eating but following the real Atkins plan, whichever version you choose is easily a way of eating for life.

Remember the restrictions of induction are just for two weeks (Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution 2002/3) or one week (Dr Atkins Diet Revolution 1972) and even the latest book brought out by the Atkins company in the last few years (A New Atkins for a New You) advocates moving on to add more carbs and food groups in order to make it a workable way of eating for life!
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