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I'll kick it off. Today I went shopping today and did not have to go into the Women's department!!! Because I now wear a size 16!!!! Whoo hooo. I bought a very cute little number in jade green for my cousin's wedding next month, and to set it off I went and bought a new pair of silver shoes to go with! 57 pounds lost, 67 to go!!!

desertmountain: I was never on "The Biggest Loser" TV show. The local health club hosted one for the new year, but they charged $150/couple to join. A friend of mine got ticked off at the price and organized her own just by posting it on facebook. Anyway my husband and I entered, it was only $20/couple, and you had to pay an extra $5 penalty on weeks if you didn't lose. 17 couples participated, and my hubby and I won 2nd place. It was a lot of fun actually, kept me motivated for 8-9 weeks.

Congrats on all that garden work, I can't wait for our season to start. Wheeee!!!

The popcorn I bought was "Act II 94% Fat Free Butter". The calories listed on the side have both the "pre-popped" nutrition and the "after popped" nutrition for a 1 cup serving. The bag makes approx 7 cups and a single cup has 15 calories, so approximately 105 calories if you hork down the whole thing. I made a bag yesterday and hid it in my purse and snuck it into the movie theater. My husband and kids were laughing at me, but I didn't break my diet on a half drum of movie theater popcorn swimming in butter. And truthfully I was perfectly happy with my little bag of corn. It was just the right size really, and once it was gone so was my desire to eat popcorn.

Hey anybody catch the Jamie Oliver thing on Friday night?

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