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Thumbs up No excuses, indeed

I'm a straighforward person, so I tackle issues head on. The matter of excuses applies to everything in life, including weight loss. But the truth is that in order to do anything about anything, one needs energy. Many of us want whatever we want but we don't have energy to make the first step. Or the second. And no, it's not an excuse, it's an explanation.
Another truth is that one has priorities. If your priority is to keep your body healthy and strong, you will start making better choices. I don't know how hard it is to not pick up a hamburger or fries from McDonald's on your way somewhere. I also don't know how hard it is to turn the TV off for 30-40 minutes and just go for a walk outside. Many small things add up but none of that is considered.
Anyway, the line of excuses ended for me once I was introduced to a fabulous me and fabulous life that I, with my own bare hands, took away from myself later. Due to heavy stress for over a year, I unnoticeably shed pounds until I weighed 126 or even less. I'm 5'5", heavy boned, so it was too much for me. Nevertheless, I felt better than ever! I looked in the mirror and saw fabulosity! :-) I enjoyed attention on daily basis and everything was in my control.
Then things started to change gradually and I noticed myself eating unhealthy things on unhealthy hours. Do you think I could see myself getting fatter? Not really. I did see something, just a bit, but it was okay. And okay. And okay. Until it wasn't anymore. Guess what? I hit 173 lbs mark several months later! I never knew myself in such weight and it made me even more depressed when I remembered that lost fabulosity.
No, I said, I don't want to keep looking in the mirror and gross myself out. After all, what's more important to me - ice-cream at night that tastes sooooo goooood! or living life, I mean Living Life! ? The answer was obvious.
I moved out of state due to other reasons and joined the gym. Then I figured out an eating routine for every day. It wasn't easy but no excuses worked for me anymore. Why? Priorities! My knee wasn't happy about the weight, so it hurt. Carrying extra 40 lbs on my body isn't fabulous. I had no right to abuse my body so much - the body that worked for me every day.
And of course, pounds started to come off. Two something months later I dropped 17 lbs. Yes, I have 17 more to go and I have two months for it. But, I learned to love exercise after I hated it for 28 years. It makes me feel good! And, when my body isn't full of shit, it feels more energetic.
I have a picture of me 173 lbs and it's scary. I won't post it here because I'm in my underwear. Maybe I'll do it once I'm done with my success story in two months.
You're right - excuses take us where we are now. Excuses basically mean "choices." I choose to eat crap or I choose to eat well. I choose to move or I choose to sit on my ass. I choose to feel good or I choose to feel miserable. If so, then all I can say is "Please, if you choose all this and if the outcome isn't so great, then stop whining and complaining. Start choosing something different. If you care."

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