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Originally Posted by me2forever View Post
I read that your protein percent should be 2.5 times fat. Hope I asked that right?? My fat is too high according to that... I eat low carb about 45 a day but darn it fat seems high. Since I have to eat Gluten Free (have Celiac) don't know what to do.

Apparently according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (not sure exactly what org. that is from) you should get 10-35% of your calories from protein. Fat is always a higher percentage, the recommendation is that it be 20-35 percent of your calories, with carbs making up 45-65%. You can see there's a lot of wiggle room there, most people don't have to worry about how much they get of what, it's more about how many calories you eat in total that will really make a difference to your weight.

Most people get too much protein, not that it'll hurt you at all but just that you only need a certain amount unless you are a high-performance athlete or something. I think men need more than women, but 15-20% should still do for the average person. I am a vegetarian and I typically get 15-20%. (One day when I ate 3 one-inch cubes of beef to taste test a stew I was making for someone else, I noticed that all of a sudden my protein percentage went up from 15% to 30% of an 1800 calorie diet. This is why I don't understand people other than bodybuilders or elite level athletes drinking protein shakes, if you are a meateater you already get more protein than you use anyway.)

One tip to reduce fat if you still want to, if you eat dairy, switch to low fat or fat free dairy products. I only use cheeses with the lowest fat I can find in the grocery store. I don't notice that much of a taste difference, and they add almost no fat to my diet and yet add tons of protein.

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