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Default Don't confuse body weight with ***lean body weight***

Originally Posted by me2forever View Post
I read that your protein percent should be 2.5 times fat. Hope I asked that right?? My fat is too high according to that... I eat low carb about 45 a day but darn it fat seems high. Since I have to eat Gluten Free (have Celiac) don't know what to do.

The fitness magazines and internet sites seem to think .5 to 1.0 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body weight per day is the correct range. Some bodybuilding sources have indicated up to 1.5 grams per day for bodybuilders doing intense weight training workouts. The part most people get confused is using total weight not lean body weight. So for me2forever at 161 lbs and 30% body fat (this is a guess) her lean body weight would be 112.7 lb. This would indicate protein intake of 56 - 113 grams per day.

I personally try to keep my protein at 30% of my total calories. I have never worried about the fat to protein ratio since I know fat is essential for your body (little things like nutrient transport and nueral functions) and my fat is from healthy food sources like eggs, meat, olive oil and nuts.

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