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Smile Diet Buddy Wanted

I posted under Atkins Diet but the moderator suggested that I repost here. I am glad that someone is looking at what is going on and is trying to help.

I am on the Modified Atkins Diet and am having trouble breaking 190; the holidays did not help. I am a senior male in good shape and work out and prefer a female but would appreciate encouragement and motivation from anyone. I am willing to reciprocate.

I hope, within the week, to be back down near 190, my minimum weight for the last year. I hope to reach 180 or even less in 3 to 4 months. I need to increase my exercise.

One problem has been maintaining the RDA for potassium intake. I have had a little exercise intolerance with severe leg cramps. Calf stretching, calcium and Benadryl before bedtime and Bilberry have helped. My doctor ordered me to diet but did not support it and interfered with getting a safe potassium supplement in the amount needed. I hated to change doctors but have a new one that is all that I have desired.

I would appreciate linking up with one or more caring people for mutual support, encouragement, help--whatever it takes to keep losing. I hope it will be fun and beneficial for both of us.

You can email at if they have not "improved" it again and it still works.
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