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Last night there was a Chinese New Year buffet/function at the place where I work. It was also a coworker's birthday, which meant lots of leftover Chinese food plus cake and ice cream. Knowing this, I planned ahead so I wouldn't go too far over my usual calorie limit. Since it was a special occasion, I had a good time and ate plenty of Peking dumplings....

After a near sleepless night of dehydration from all the salt, plus coming down off the sugar high I got from even the tiny amount of cake and ice cream that I ate, I woke up feeling groggy and like I had some kind of food hangover. After I dragged my carcass out of bed, I immediately went for the fruit bowl and had a banana and a glass of low fat milk for breakfast, and it was amazing!

Negative consequences aside, I count this as an achievement, because it means that my body has purged itself of its desire for bad food. Even though I let go a little last night and ate more than usual, I got right back up this morning and was perfectly satisfied with (and even craving) my new, healthier food choices.

I'm finding that the mental and emotional changes that I'm noticing in myself are just as inspiring as the physical!
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