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Originally Posted by mfagerstrom View Post
Nice post... you speak the truth. The hardest part of losing weight is getting to the point where you are wholeheartedly trying to do it. No "magic pills," "miracle diets," or other bullshit. Eat better and exercise. That's the only way to do it.

To those who say they aren't losing weight as fast as Mike did - as long as you are losing you're on the right path. Some of us take it a bit further... Mike does P90X, which from what I've heard about it totally kicks your ass. It took him a LOT of hard work to get where he is, not just cutting calories.

Best of luck to all those who are ready to get serious about losing weight!
thanks man. You really did it big with your weight loss! 110 pounds is amazing, we all know you got there from doing the right things and no excuses! I completed one full round (90 days) of P90X, and almost finished a 2nd round. I ended up quitting b/c I got bored with it. Now I lift weights and walk and thanks to the 52DC I'm still making progress.
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