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Originally Posted by gallusgal View Post
Hi everyone. I have been reading the recent additions to this thread and just thought I'd add some encouragement. I started this thread two years ago, 19 days into my weight loss journey.

I weighed 208 lbs or thereabouts when I started and it seemed as though I had a real mountain to climb. These little achievements helped me to keep at it in the early days. Keep at it everyone, you are all doing great. Take the little things and build on them. You can change your life, and you can maintain that change.

I lost 83 lbs and transformed my life by using the small successes as building blocks. Week on week, month on month, celebrate your little things. Good luck everyone
WoW gallusgal,
So great to see you checking back in. Hooray for your success at maintaining your loss after 2 years. As many of us know, losing the weight is the easy part... maintaining it is a lifetime effort.
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