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Urban –t hat extra mile “cause I felt pretty good” is a nice touch – and the weekly total is a nice thing – I’ve been tracking mine keeping my annual on a spreadsheet since January 1.

Good work Pam – I love 6 AM workouts – I feel so superior to the rest of society!

Breethe – welcome –we don’t all get a personal best every day.

Kimbur – keep it going!

Crazigerl – yes, that’s what a runner’s high feels like, and they last – I get them for many activites, some people just for running.

Lucious –results feel good!

I saw a nice number on the scale today – I’m calling it 155, but could have been 154.9 – anyway – it is the first time it was deciding where to balance below the 155 line. I’m having a party when I move the big weight (the 150 – on the balance scale at the gym) – you are all invited, we’ll have water, and fresh fruit, and dance at our computers!

It was a wonderful spin class today – “Race Day” – we don’t know what each other is doing on their bikes – but the plan was to try to give your all, all class – and I worked very had. This was followed by breakfast with an insurance broker, and I did my best to not blow it – yogurt (but it was strawberry, lots of sugar, fruit, and they brought a side of granola with it which I should have not eaten, but I did).

Be strong!
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