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Originally Posted by crazigerl View Post
It's a ladies gym and is average in equipment.

They have a the cable machines such as seated row, push down, lat machine.
They have the deadlift unit and the obligatory circuit machines which include pec, preacher curl, chest press, shoulder press, seated row.

They did bring me a 45lb plate that has a handle incorporated so I am getting up there.

Thanks for doing this for me.
Instead of bent rows with a bar, you could do one arm cable rows. Since they gave you a 45 lb plate, try this: Do a bent row lift with both arms than lower the plate with one arm, alternate arms. You can lower (under control) 20-30% more than you can lift.(Bodybuilders call these "negative reps")

Depending on how the machines are set up, you should be able to do one arm reps and get more work from the limited weight.

Since you really are limited in the free weight option, using the machines is a viable option as long as they have enough weight to be challenging.

You can also check out this exercise directory for bodyweight options for each muscle groups. If your gym has a pullup bar, that's all the equipment you need for bodyweight work.
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